Completed August 8, 2017

Creative Brief

The Creative Brief

Acumen is an online learning platform for marketing departments wanting to learn more about the technical side of the web. The goal was to create a minimal icon that represented Acumen’s series of classes and that would appeal to HR departments and marketing directors in particular.

Initial sketches for Acumen Logo Design

Initial Concepts


I took a lot of inspiration from the definition for acumen. Acumen is almost always used in the phrase “business acumen”. It also has a bit of a predatory nature. The same goes for synonyms like crafty or cunning. That train of thought led me to foxes and spiders.

I also wanted to experiment with combining the letters “ACMN” in an interesting way, since that’s what the URL for the website was going to be.

Spider Logo DesignFox Logo DesignMonogram Logo Design

The Solution


The last logo I sketched was of an @ symbol re-drawn to look more like a person. As soon as I saw it in paper, I knew it would be a strong concept. The symbol clearly references the web and the “a” within the person was a metaphor for gained knowledge of the web.

Acumen Logo Design
Acumen White Logo Design
Acumen Full Color Logo
Acumen Logo Mark


Secondary Assets

I wanted to provide Acumen with some secondary assets that could be used in promoting the classes. I had the idea of using dotted lines to connect the icon with slogans - almost as if they were the icon’s thoughts.

Acumen Secondary Branding AssetsAcumen Logo Design with Overlay


Judd Lyon

Jose is a talented designer with an excellent process. He loves what he does and it shows in both the work and how he treats his clients. Highly recommended.