Completed May 8, 2017

Creative Brief

The Creative Brief

Breakthrough is a coaching and mentorship retreat program that primarily helps people to focus on "breaking through" any barriers or patterns of behavior they've fallen into and can't seem to escape.

Breakthrough Logo Initial Sketches

Initial Concepts

I wanted to represent the concept of emotionally breaking through a barrier by using an evocative physical metaphor. I thought of things like stairs, arrows, heads, and light bulbs.

Lighbulb Logo DesignStaircase Logo Design

The Solution

The most powerful logo design I came up with was of a humpback whale breaching the surface of the water. It's an incredibly powerful image that translates well to the emotional world. I wanted to keep the whale very minimal so as not to be too literal.

Breakthrough Logo Design
Breakthrough Monogram Logo Design
Breakthrough Logo Design
Breakthrough Badge Logo Design


Wood Cut

Because Breakthrough's work happens over weekend retreats, I wanted to provide the client with something they could easily take with them to any location. The whale would remind people of the company, of course, but also keep their focus on the goals set before them.

Breakthrough Logo Design Woodcut


Josh McGinnis

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with many graphic designers, including employees when I owned a marketing agency.  I’ve never seen logo design with such thoughtfulness and creativity.