Lyon Digital

Completed December 12, 2017

Creative Brief

The Creative Brief

Lyon Digital is a creative firm that helps people and business by building products like websites and by consulting on the technical side of the web. The original logo used a heraldic style lion that had been purchased from a stock website. Preparing for a banner year in 2018, the client wanted a custom logo that felt more modern.

Initial sketches for Lyon Digital Logo Design


Initial Concepts

I wanted to give the client a few logo design options - a couple that retained the lion and one that was a simple monogram ("LD" for Lyon Digital). The first lion I presented was geometric in style and had arrows embedded into its shape. The monogram design used the space within the D - technically called the "counter" - as part of the L and then used the leg of the L to complete a shield shape.

Geometric Lion Logo DesignLD Monogram Logo Design


The Solution

The finalized logo design is the smart combination of a lion with the universally recognized icon for wifi signal. Essentially only four lines and a circle, this symbol scales extremely well. Since they're principally an online service, the client said they wouldn't be ordering and print collateral, like business cards or stationery. Instead, they needed the logo to look great inside of a 60 pixel tall navigation bar. This logo design excels in that small environment.

Wifi Lion Logo Design
Lyon Digital Dark Logo Design
Lyon Digital Logo Design
Animated Lyon Digital Logo Design


Opacity Modes

Opacity modes are ways of configuring how two different images interact with each other, almost like putting a color correction gel onto a spotlight. Getting images with complicated opacity modes to display well in print can be tricky. But, since this logo design is for a business that most people will interact with on the web, it was the perfect opportunity to use this method.

Lyon Digital Logo Design Over Image with Opacity Modes


Judd Lyon

Jose is a talented designer with an excellent process. He loves what he does and it shows in both the work and how he treats his clients. Highly recommended.