Young Professionals of Chattanooga

Completed October 10, 2017

Creative Brief

The Creative Brief

Young Professionals of Chattanooga (YPC) is a networking organization for business professionals aged 21 - 40 years. They emphasize mentorship, community service, and professional development. YPC wanted to re-brand in order to shorten the name (previously Young Professional Association of Chattanooga) and to project a more professional and serious image through their logo design.

Initial Logo Sketches for Young Professionals of Chattanooga

Initial Concepts

The two directions I focused on for this project were Chattanooga and leadership. One logo I developed was of an arrow embedded into the TN Aquarium, a landmark of downtown Chattanooga. The other was of a snare drum with crossed drumsticks. The snare drum is a metaphor for leadership since it's often used as a tool to set the rhythm of a song or march.

Aquarium Arrow Logo DesignSnare Drum Logo Design

The Solution

The last and final logo I executed was of a torch. As a mentorship organization, Young Professionals of Chattanooga is proactive about the "passing of the torch". I wanted to represent that quite literally in the logo. The flames of the torch are also a subtle nod to the Aquarium.

Young Professionals of Chattanooga Logo
Young Professionals of Chattanooga Logo Design
Young Professionals of Chattanooga Logo Design
Young Professionals of Chattanooga Logo Design


Logo Lockups

YPC stipulated that they needed the logo to be flexible in its presentation so that they could scale from using just to mark all the way to including the full name and the acronym. I provided various "lockups" that would enable them to do this.

Young Professionals of Chattanooga Logo LockupsYoung Professionals of Chattanooga Logo Design Mockup


Graham Harrell

Like the torch, we’re focused on lighting the way for young professionals across this city. The shapes of this flame echo the angles of the Tennessee Aquarium, the landmark that represented the start of Chattanooga’s renaissance. It grounds our downtown riverfront and is the perfect symbol for Chattanooga’s rising generation.